2016 Convention Schedule by Ellen Siergiej

Looking to pester me in person, or check out my art up close?
I will be at the following conventions for 2016:

MCFC - Kyote Illustrations, Dealers Room
Anthrocon - Kyote Illutsrations, Dealers Den
DragonCon - Attending. Open for ATC and Badge Trades.
MFF - Maybe, but I'm blocking some time for it! I'll update as it gets closer.

Lets start at the very beginning... by Ellen Siergiej

It's a very good place to start.

I'm new to this whole blog thing. Blogs have always baffled me; is it an online diary? Amateur journalism? Or perhaps it's a virtual soapbox where you can scream at the world without fear of flying tomatoes.

Whatever these things are, I plan on filling them with silly musings and doodles. Probably some goofy photos. And maybe.. juuuuust maybe... the occasional ego inflated opinion.

Thanks for listening.