Ellen 'Kyote' Siergiej

Ellen Siergiej is an illustrator from Pittsburgh, PA. She holds a BFA from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania where she studied ceramics and printmaking.

When she's not spending hours improving her nerd-cred through gaming and comic books, Ellen draws whimsical and anthropomorphic animals. She is currently working on the early stages of a comic with MEW Arts and is designing a stuffed animal.

Costume beasts, images of animals anthropomorphic, and jovial critters on pottery populate my artwork. Man has always been intrinsically fascinated by animals, depicting them in every art form imaginable. I portray creatures with human motivation, features and emotions, allowing the viewer to relate to the characters while maintaining a storybook feel. My work invites you to imagine a world where humanity and nature not only meet, but meld.


This is the artist Kyote. This is her professional head-shot. She accepts roles in films or TV as long as they include either dinosaurs or hunky brother duos.
Or Both.
(I'm looking at you, Supernatural.)


In case you were wondering how I do what I do. Also, this is my first ever pie chart. Mmmm, pie(charts).